Iowa Art Pottery Association is an organization dedicated to the education, preservation, appreciation and acquisition of all ceramics both past and present.

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IAPA has sponsored special events and projects, including an exhibition of Weller Pottery, held at the Muscatine Art Museum in 2006.
In 2007 the Iowa Art Pottery Association purchased a Ohio Historical Marker to be placed at the site of the Roseville Pottery Company, Linden Avenue Plant.  A dedication ceremony was held on July 17, 2007 at the Linden Avenue Plant in Zanesville, Ohio.  Further information regarding the dedication ceremony and Roseville Pottery may be viewed at the following sites: 
The Ohio Channel
Roseville Pottery Historical Marker
Roseville Legend  (PDF)
This educational exhibit was organized by members of the Iowa Art Pottery Assn. 
Photos include the following examples of Iowa Pottery (no longer in production)

For a close-up view, click on any photo.

  Iowa State College Pottery  (Mary Yancy)
  Farr Pottery
  Dickey Clay Co. Leheigh and What Cheer Iowa (Iowa Sewer Tile Pieces)
  Iowa Art Clay Co. Fort Dodge, Iowa
  Shawsheen Pottery - Mason City, Iowa.



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